Family violence is a national emergency in this state and across Australia. There is an urgent need for change. All forms of violence are unacceptable, yet family violence is pervasive. It shatters lives, families and communities. Victoria Against Violence – which coincides with the global 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence campaign – calls on our community to commit to actions that change the culture that drives family violence.

Orange is the universal colour representing a global movement to end violence against women. The 2018 campaign theme was inspired by the penalty system in soccer. The #OrangeCard is a social platform designed to give Victorians a way to speak up, speak out and become a genuine part of the solution to family violence. By calling out real life examples of gender inequality, marginalisation and discrimination with the #OrangeCard we can change the conversation.


of Australian women over the age of 15 have experienced physical violence.


of Australians think that violence is caused by men being unable to control their anger.


of Aboriginal children that are in out-of-home-care have experienced family violence.


of LGBTI Australians report having been in a relationship in which their partner was abusive.


You can download a campaign kit all year long because preventing family violence is a 356 day effort if we want to drive social change. The kit includes a wide variety of digital assets to promote Victoria Against Violence across your social media platforms, workplaces and local communities. Take action now, because preventing family violence is up to all of us.

Take Action Toolkit

This downloadable kit contains social media tiles, GIFs, phone wallpapers, posters, screensavers and just about anything and everything you’ll need to call out discriminating behaviour.

Click the DOWNLOAD TOOLKIT button to do your bit to contribute to a Victoria free from violence. Let’s get the #OrangeCard trending far and wide, and send the message that violence has no place in our community.

Download your copy of the Toolkit in your chosen language below. 

Our Ambassadors

Bernard Curry

Actor, TV Host & Singer

“Strong, powerful, leading roles in the entertainment industry aren’t just for men.”

Alecia Minster

Digital Marketing Specialist & Founder of Girl Bosses Australia

“By ignoring sexist and disrespectful behaviour you’re contributing to a culture that supports gender-based violence.”


Zara McDonald & Michelle Andrews

Hosts of Shameless Podcast

You know that harmless comment your mate made about what we were wearing at the bar last night? Well, it is in fact, very harmful.”

Jo Stanley

Comedian, TV Host & Creator of Play Like a Girl Book Series

“Whenever you see or hear someone being disrespectful in conversation, be it online or in person, let them know it’s not ok and give them an Orange Card.”

Maker Mayek

Human Rights Advocate & Lawyer

“Change starts with conversation.”

Michelle Redfern

Football Director & Gender Diversity Expert

“As an experienced Football Director, I know how important it is for all sporting codes to embrace diversity.”

Jessica Smith

Paralympian, Motivational Speaker & Body Image Activist

“The only ‘place’ a woman should be, is wherever she wants to be. And no one has the right to tell us otherwise.”

Stef & Jess Dadon

Creators of Lifestyle Brand How Two Live & Footwear Label TWOOBS

“We believe in a Victoria where your salary is based on your skills, not your gender.”

Jeremy Carne

Podcast Host

“I believe the degree to which a man understands himself, is the degree to which he is capable of loving another.”

Angela Pippos

Sports Journalist, TV and Radio Presenter, Documentary-Maker & Author.

“As a sports journalist, I’m ready for our industry to permanently level the playing field and celebrate greatness regardless of gender.”

Kristy McKellar

Director of KM Consulting Services

Expert in preventing family violence and creating social & cultural change.

Jonathan Byrt

Co-Founder of Memobottle

Gigi Connolly

Racing Personality

“A Victoria that celebrates and embraces diversity is the Victoria I want to call home.”

Stacey Christie

Travel blogger & Accessibility Activist

“Did you know that women with disabilities are more likely to experience violence and abuse than men with disabilities?”

James Polkinghorne

Former AFL Player & Commercial Executive at AFL Player’s Association

Nathan Jones

AFL Captain, Father & Husband

“I believe a Victoria free from violence is a Victoria that believes in respect.”

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